Hive Productions strives to bring your business into the realm of social media.  Through social target marketing we can put your brand on the right track to better ROI. We use every asset available to leverage your brand in the right online markets.

What do you offer?

Hive Productions believes that you cannot just focus on one front while understanding that certain social media outlets are not the way to go.  After an initial consultation we will focus on the main outlets that will impact you the most. These might include specific twitter campaigns, Facebok “like” your page, introducing specials via twitter/facebook, or at a base level just interacting with customers.

Why Hive Productions?

It’s simple. Hive Productions is located in Smyrna. We are the people that you are targeting. We live the same lives and follow the same social trends that your clients do. Basically… we know your clients.

Where do I fit in?

Within the vast realm of social media only certain ones will fit your brand. We are the ones that will find where you belong and utilize that niche opportunity to show off your products.



Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation.